Sur un arbre perché

A cocooning place hidden in the 2th district

What could sound better than going to a restaurant that offers to sit on padded pillows or hanging chairs from where you can swing?

If you are tempted to try that concept, go to the second district, walk along the 4th September street then you will find it .You may think that a crowded and noisy street like that one would not allow its people to have a restful place…Think again;)

Sur un arbre perché, literally on a bent tree, took up the challenge 14 years ago to offer a place worthy of comfort from the seats to the massage giving in a hidden room behind the counter.

The decoration is using colors like green, brown, and partitions made of wood. The ambiance is cosy and the soft-tones give the feeling you are sitting in a holiday cottage. The relaxation for your body as well as for your eyes and mind is certain:)

The menu is given to you on a small carte and even on a huge board. The menu is written with chalks and you can choose from the board;)

The choice is clearly a wide one : foie gras, lobster, chicken, fish, parmentier, vegetables…

The desserts are succulent as well : from the rum baba to the éclair or fruits given with ice creams… you will be quickly satisfied;)

Ze +

  • A good comfort
  • Affordable prices
  • Massage proposed in a room behind the restaurant

Ze -

  • Narrow space between your chair and the table

Ze tip

If you go at the opening time you will be sure to find a place above all at the evening.

Must know

  • Phone :01 42 96 97 01
  • Metro : Bourse line 3
  • Budget : 30€ per people to eat
  • Open : All days except Sundays from 12 p.m to 3 p.m and 7.30 p.m to 12.30 a.m

Did you go there ? Did you like it ? Please let the others know !

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