Tir initiation

Test your shooting skills

Have you ever held a real gun ? Shoot with it ? Well, if you’re looking for something completely different, you can spend a 3-hours time shooting with Magnum, Rifle or 9mm pistols :).

Don’t be scared, it is actually very fun and relaxing !

You will first get a 30min briefing where they will explain you all the safety rules and the do’s and don’ts. Then you will shoot during 2 or 3 hours depending on the pack you choose, with different guns.

tir initiation fun paris

It is heavily noisy so you will wear a audio casque. Ammunitions are about 10 to 20 per guns. The instructor passes in the group and gives you some tips on how to carry your gun, reload and aime correctly etc…

And obviously he is also making sure everyone is safe 🙂

Group size varies from 5 to 15 people depending on the time. It’s quite small which allows to have personal feedbacks and advices.

When we tried with Guillaume we loved it !

2 downsides though :
– The price : obviously it is quite expensive. First offer starts at 130€ per person. But if you want the bigger guns, it can go up to 250 or 300€.
– The location : It is located north of Paris, close to the “peripherique”. It’s not a great neighborhood, and you don’t want to spend much time there after you’re done.

But if you have the money and the time, and you feel up to try something fun and different, try it ! One thing for sure : you will not find any other tourist there 🙂

tir initiation paris best

Ze +

  • Original and unique in Paris
  • Nice and fun instructors
  • Intense !

Ze -

  • Pricey
  • A bit outside of Paris in a poor neighborhood

Ze tip

You can always call them and try to negotiate a bit the price 🙂
Do it on weekdays instead of week ends to have a smaller group.

Must know

  • Phone : 06 87 83 65 26
  • tir-initiation.com
  • Metro : Gare de Massy Verrieres (RER B)
  • Budget : From 130€
  • Open : All days