Le marché des enfants rouges

The oldest indoors market in Paris

Le Marché des enfants rouges is probably the Parisians’ best kept secret. Hidden away in le Marais, this little market is situated rue de Bretagne and is hosting visitors since 1615! 🙂

You can translate “le marché des enfants rouges” by the red children market. The name is quite enigmatic for foreigners and Parisians alike but its origins come from an orphanage that used to be situated next door and that dressed their children in a red uniform. As simple as that! 🙂

So what can you buy in this market? Flowers, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, well mainly food. You can also choose to stop there and grab something to eat. You can have pizzas, Moroccan delicacies, burgers, pastas, cheeses and all kind of healthy and delicious food. You can sit at one of the counters for lunch or pick a table on both sides of the market. It is busy, friendly and very “a la bonne franquette” as the French like to say 🙂

Why do we love going to the marché des enfants rouges? Because it is so Paris 🙂 The food is amazingly good and people in the market are true Parisians at heart. It really feels like you were doing your shopping at the centre of a French little village. What’s not to like 🙂

Ze +

it’s quite cheap to eat there. The market is classified since 1982 into the French conservation historic scheme.

Ze -

the market is crazy busy on weekends 🙁 the market is closed for dinner and on Mondays 🙁

Ze tip

Stop there for lunch even if it rains: the market is indoors and protected from the elements. They are two ways to get into the market from rue de Bretagne and from rue de Beauce.

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