Zig Zag Club

Dance until morning !

This nightclub is a great place to go if you are looking for a nice things to do in Paris at night.

Well it always has been, even when it was called « Le cirque ».
On Fridays and Saturdays, the area is transformed while you see all the richest youngster and hipsters down here. It smells fragrance and a lot of uber are stopping here in order to let the « jeunesse dorée » party like animals !

From 20 yo to 40yo, it is one of the best place to come if you are looking for a good music and a nice nightclub. It is not too show-off and not too-poor : just in the middle, to see the electro vibes in Paris 🙂

It is not the only place to go if you want to party in Paris. That ‘s sure. However this place is really well located (near the champs elysees) thus a lot of people who live on the west part of Paris come here. And the place is huge, so you won’t take any risk if you are looking a great place to dance.

Like all the nightclub in Paris, any drinks are worth at least 10 euros. And you can book a table with a bottle (+soft, ice, glasses) for around 150 euros (i guess that is universal, right 🙂 )


A lot of DJs come here. Maybe not the most famous one, but from the best of the best for sure. The electro is really pure and eclectic. Trendy, really trendy !


So remember to dress well (it is important !) and to be well accompanied. Sorry for the men bachelor party, you need to come with girls to enter.

Ze +

  • Great music
  • Good vibes !

Ze -

  • A risk to be “refouled” (well, not to be accepted into the place for a reason you will never know …)
  • Can be really crowded outside AND inside around 1am

Ze tip

Come around 11.15pm. It won’t be full but you will still have the bar empty and a good music to begin your night 🙂

Must know

  • Phone : 06 35 25 03 61
  • zigzagclub.fr
  • Metro : Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Budget : From 20€
  • Open : Fridays and Saturdays from 11.30pm